Choquekirao has everything to offer a trekker. However, due to its remote location, very few tourists has visited this site.  Fortunately, COPESCO has recently developed a footbridge over the Apurimac River, below the site, making it more accessible to browse the area.
Lying in a cloud forest, a dramatic 1,150 metres (3,772 feet) above the Apurimac River and surrounded by many fascinating landscapes created by the Vilcabamba mountain range.

It is a fairly challenge but very exiting experience to hike down to the depths of Apurimac Canyon and then up to the site in the clouds.   Choquequirao trail explores a “lost” Inca city that is the sacred site of Choquequirao. It means “Cradle of Gold” in Quechua.  
Choquequirao is similar to Machu Picchu both in its architecture and significance, but the crowds pale in comparison due to the site being an intense two-day hike from Cusco. When combined with a visit to Machu Picchu, treks to Choquequirao can take anywhere from five to ten days.—and with not even half of the site excavated, there’s still much to be discovered.