Please read our Cancellation and Refund Policy below. By making a booking you are excepting these conditions.

1. In cases where a tour or booking is cancelled, or we cannot confirm the booking then we will provide a full refund via a credit card or  PayPal. It will take around 1-7 days for your refund to be processed. A 6.5% processing charge will be applied during the checkout process, if the refund is made within 60 days of the received payment. All refunds after this period can only be made minus the 6.5% and only using Paypal "Send Money" payments or in cash in one of our offices. We cannot do international bank transfers.

2. Cancellations can only be processed during office hours but can be requested via e-mail. All processing times are calculated during our working hours only - i.e. if you email to cancel a tour the notice period is only calculated from the office opening time and not from the time you sent the email.

3. For the safety of our customers we reserve the right to cancel trips at our discretion. In such cases a 100% refund will be given for tours.

4. or any of our representatives are not responsible for penalties applied by airlines and bus companies should you cancel or change your ticket. Train tickets are non-refundable.

5. or any of our representatives are not responsible for any fees applied by your bank or card issuer or losses due to differences in exchange rates between original transaction date and date of refund.

6. If tours are missed, cancelled or delayed due to weather conditions, civil protests, blockades, transport delays or political demonstrations or any other situations beyond our control, refunds will be at Osm Tours discretion and any penalties applied will be directly in proportion to Osm Tours costs or losses. If a tour operator does not refund we cannot refund you and you lose the amount they charge.

9. or any of our representatives are not responsible for any additional expenses that are incurred due to any problem, rescheduing, cancellation or other incident that might occur. For example if a bus is cancelled and you have to stay an extra night in a city we take no responsibilty for the expenses.