A reservation made via our shopping cart system is a request for a service and NOT A CONFIRMED BOOKING. These requests are "pending reservations". Until you receive a confirmation from us informing you that your reservation is "confirmed" or that we are not able to fulfill your reservation the status remains as "pending".

Some tour descriptions include a recommendation for how far in advance you should book in order to have the best chance of a confirmed booking. These times can vary during busy periods so always book as far in advance as possible. As a general rule you should try to give at least 4 or 5 days’ notice and more during the high season. Orders are only processed during office opening hours (see the contact us page for details) and you should give at least 48 hours notice in order to give us time to process your order. If you do not give us adequate time to process the order (at least 48 hours and within our opening hours) we are not responsible for any problems you experience due to this. We recommend giving much more than 48 hours’ notice in order to have the best chance of a confirmed booking.

Bookings are paid for using the Paypal system (via direct credit card payments or standard Paypal accounts) and there is a processing charge of 6.5% (this is in addition to the prices shown in product descriptions) automatically added during the checkout procedure. You do not require a Paypal account to use our shopping cart system as normal debit and credit cards will work but Paypal is easy to sign up for should you wish.

If a tour/ booking is cancelled by us or we could not confirm due to availability then a full refund will be given via the Paypal system. If you paid by Paypal then this will be instant, if you paid using a credit card then the time it takes to process depends on your credit card issuing bank but it is usually 3 -7 days. The 6.5% booking fee can only be refunded if the payment was made less than 60 days before the date we process the refund.

Some tours require a minimum amount of people to be signed up and often this minimum is only reached the day before the tour leaves. In these cases we may confirm your booking as "conditional" which means you have a confirmed place for the tour but the tour will only go ahead if the minimum about of people are booked. These tours usually go however we are not responsible for any problems you experience due to these tours not having enough people to confirm.

If you cancel a tour or transport booking we will do our best to give you a full refund but will deduct any costs incurred by ourselves from the refund. These amounts depend on the tour/transport and the amount of notice given. We must comply with the cancellation and refund polices of the operators and service providers we work with and these will usually dictate what we are able to do. Please read our cancellation policy for full details – this is available to view from the every page of our web site and we provide a link to this policy in the footer section of each page.

We are not responsible for any situations beyond our control that affect the tours and transport. This includes (but is not limited to) the cancelation or change of departure/return times due to protests, roadblocks, marches, weather conditions, elections, festivals or other gatherings, national holidays, road accidents. We are not responsible for paying any compensation for any effects of the aforementioned situations including (but not limited to) additional transport or accommodation costs.

IMPORTANT - Please note though that if you pay more than 60 days in advance then we can only process any refunds in cash in our offices or by sending a Paypal payment and we cannot give you the 6.5% online processing fee back - no matter what the reason for the refund. This is a limitation of the Paypal credit card processing gateway and they automatically remove the ability to refund after 60 days - we cannot change this. We recommend that you try to wait until less than 60 days before the start of any tours or transport items if possible if this policy could cause a problem for you.

By placing an order with our web site you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions you should not place an order on this site.